Image of the stencil which was used to spray images on pavements and roads around Budapest.

100 Poorest Database


Vulnarable Groups

Kurt Lewin Foundation


Even though poverty and exclusion are widespread in society, these issues are still far away from ordinary citizens. There are many stereotypes and prejudices towards vulnerable social groups because of the lack of information and understanding. Those excluded people don't have access to information about how they can improve their situation because they usually don't have access to online media

The project disseminates available data on vulnerable social groups with the help of personal stories, objective information, and suggestive pictures about members of the groups. Not only the online but also offline tools have been used to reach also the excluded members of society and bring the information they cannot get online.

The website is the main source of information, however the important message to the people was sent by street art, brochures, eBooks and posters. Delivering such a message through street art was something completely new for Hungarian people. Through the street art the city has been turned into an info-graphic environment and should have channeled visitors to the project website. The website compares different vulnerable social groups to the Hungarian average (e.g. income, family status, etc.). The information is also available on the groups´ individual wiki like pages. The goal of the project is to fight the prejudices against vulnerable social groups, raise awareness and find solutions to the social exclusion of these people.

The project hasn’t seen significant growth after it’s debut, but it turned out to be great learning experience for involved organizers. Lessons learned in how to combine street and online messaging were transferred to the next set of efforts undertaken by the organization.