Fair Play Alliance


The accessible information about public procurement in Slovakia does not provide a comprehensive overview on the situation. The data on the official websites is published solely on an individual basis and absolutely out of context.

The Open Public Procurement Database provides a website displaying aggregate procurement data and a comprehensive overview of the procurement processes allowing users to compare data and follow the trends. The goal of the project is to increase the transparency of public procurement in Slovakia.

The website provides a platform which compiles the public procurement contracts into one place. The available procurement data is cleaned, aggregated and processed in order to increase the transparency of public procurement. The platform enables scanning and automated notifications of users on suspicious contracts. The website also permits community evaluation of the contracts and checking of manipulation with contracts that have already been published. There is also a shadow-copy of all published procurement contracts.

Thanks to all the data collected by the project it’s authors were able to put together numerous analysis and publications on the procurements topic. These documents deal with procurements for hospitals, and the impact of electronic auctions on Slovak procurements or cartel preventions.