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Armed Violence and Injury Monitoring System

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Center for Security Studies


Over the last few years security has been an important issue to the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially hate crimes. Since there is no specific data from the Ministries of Interiors, it is difficult to find any transparent and relevant information about crime to solve the problem.

The website collects data about juvenile delinquency, small arms and light weapons incidents, traffic accidents and hate crime incidents. It analyses and monitors the danger in order to raise awareness about the problem and find solutions to prevent these crimes.

The goal of the project is to establish an innovative mechanism for monitoring the criminal incidents in Bosnia and Herzegovina and stimulate the relevant decision-making bodies to eliminate the crime. The database examines trends and analyzes the crimes and threats. It also includes an interactive map, which enables clear visualization and shows the frequency and geographical location of the incidents. The project initiates collaboration of all segments of society to participate in designing policies to combat the causes and consequences of criminal occurrences.

By collecting the specific data in the clear format the project raises awareness and motivate society to take part and actively prevent crimes.