Budget of the Republic of Macedonia



Center for Economic Analyses


The information about revenues and expenditures for public administration are usually hidden in various opaque government documents and across ministry websites. People don’t really know how much the national debt is, how much they pay for state-provided public services and how much the state takes in taxes.

The website of CEA gives a clear picture about Macedonian national budget and presents all the relevant data at one place. It covers budget spending within Government and Municipalities, its Ministries, Public Funds and Agencies. All in One from the year 1996.

The portal collects detailed information about public expenditures, public revenues, national debt, municipalities spending and Macedonia’s basic economic data. To ensure accountability and transparency, the website includes option for easy and simple testing of different budgetary policies and theirs expected impact on the budget. The goal of the project is to increase accountability of the budget policy makers, increase transparency in managing public finance, and raise budget advocacy activism in the Republic of Macedonia. No good advocacy can be done without the strong tool which is easy to understand. Very useful is also the Comparison of Items tool where you can make graphs comparing revenues or expenditures of different entries to get a clear picture across the years.

The project has discovered several causes of court overload in Latvia and has elaborated a list of suggestions as a reaction. It also impacted the work of subjects which are connected with the court´s decisions, because they now have better tools for predicting the duration of process time.