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Increasing police accountability through smart display of crime data

Czech Republic


Otevřená spoločnost


The crime statistics on the Czech police websites are sometimes difficult to understand and don´t give a good overview about the problems.

The map-based website displays crime statistics in an understandable and accessible way. It is a source of information for anybody searching for relevant crime data and further research. The website informs also about crime prevention strategies that have been used to deal with local crime.

The project facilitates orientation in crime statistics for the public. The website map shows the number of policemen and crime rates by regions and gives an overall overview on the crime situation in the country. There is possibility to compare the crime rates in different regions according to the type of crime. The goal of the project is to raise a public discussion about crime prevention strategies. The website allows the public to inform police about places or areas of special importance in terms of crime and feeling of personal safety.

After quite an enthusiastic reception of the website the initiative agreed with Czech police on the provision of more detailed data that haven’t been provided to the public in any way before. The data published has been used repeatedly by citizens, media, and college students who were interested, as well as by municipalities and the police itself.