Mapping the court overload

The problem of courts overloading and incapability to ensure the right of fair trial within a reasonable amount of time has remained an unsolved problem in Latvia. Although the data is available, the politicians, the public and the media don´t use it because of its opacity.

The web-based visualization mashes together all relevant information about court processing to pursuing a solution to court overload. The webpage visualizes the data in a very clear way and enables a comparison of different regions, courts and judges.

The data on all courts are presented on a map of Latvia that provides users with information about the average number of cases for every judge, the case backlog in courts, average trial processing time, ratio of received, adjudicated and unfinished cases, etc. The database allows users to forecast trial dates and lengths by a particular court and judge. It may be beneficial also for the civil society organizations. They can use the data outputs for their own advocacy of their activities. The objective of the project is to draw the attention of the society and pressure the politicians to take decisions regarding a long term solution to the problem.

The project has discovered several causes of court overload in Latvia and has elaborated a list of suggestions as a reaction. It also impacted the work of subjects which are connected with the court´s decisions, because they now have better tools for predicting the duration of process time.