Monitoring the financial health of Slovak municipalities

The municipalities in Slovakia do not always work as efficiently as they could. Because of a lack of transparent information and public control, the municipalities sometimes spend more than they should on the items with low priority. The websites of municipalities are often not well designed and it is hard to find the relevant data about municipality budgets, tax collections and municipality expenditures.

The website collects information on the financial health of all 2930 municipalities plus 8 self-governing regions in Slovakia. The portal enables comparison among the municipal units, their ranking and sorting.

The website brings detailed demographic as well as financial information of the municipalities. The group of financial indicators informs about current and long term liabilities, the municipality asset, credits, budget expenditures and revenues of each municipality. As a result of the per capita calculation it is easy to make a comparison of the municipal units and self-governing regions. The website also emphasizes the importance of financial health and effective municipality management. The project not only brings the actual financial data, but also forms a recommendation for economic and social reforms in the Slovak Republic. The goal of the project is to force the municipalities to manage their public sources in a more effective way and increase their financial health.

The initiative helped to identify flaws in the current system used within municipalities and came up with recommendations for changes in Slovak law and the ways municipalities are managed today. The authors sent their proposal to the Slovak Ministry of Finance which confirmed their findings and started fixing existing issues.