Municipal Budget Monitoring



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There is no easy way to browse the municipal budgets, since the data is dispersed through a variety of different formats in different sections and various types on municipal websites. This increases inefficiencies in local self-governments and the lack of citizen's participation.

The database collects data from all municipalities in Montenegro. The visualization tool facilitates the understanding and monitoring of the municipal budgets. It includes information about contracted concessions, public-private partnerships, public procurements and also unemployment.

The users of the visualization can see a timeline view of how a certain municipality fared during the years in terms of overall or specific revenues and expenditures. The database allows an insight into regional differences and comparison of the data. The website also includes media articles on local budgeting issues, announcements of public debates and uploaded versions of all key budgetary documents. The project aims to stimulate the interest of the public in municipal budgets, make the municipalities more open and transparent, and in turn make the municipal budgets more understandable to citizens.

The portal has become a valuable resource of information for parties interested in localmunicipalities and their economy. Partnering with several media outlets in the country helped to get the word out and the public responded positively. As expected, glitches in existing budgetary systems were found, which prevent full transparency.