My Place

There is a need for local governance reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina and an increase in the transparency of local self-governance units. The relevant data about municipalities should be publicly and easily accessible.

The project My Place has created a comprehensive, easy-to-use database of all municipalities. The analytical tools enable comparison across municipalities, according to different variables, indicators and characteristics. All the relevant data is available through the simple web interface.

The general, long-term goal of the My Place project is to help local governance reform efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The data portal helps a wide array of stakeholders to access the municipality-related data. The database increases the transparency of local self-governance reform process, as well as supports the advancement of policy making processes and efforts at local government level. The My Place project collects relevant information and creates a data profile for each municipality. This means that different municipal acts, as well as other relevant documents are available for each governance unit. The analytical tools enable comparison of different characteristics among 78 municipalities.

From it’s official launch in October 2011, portal “My place” has become a relevant source of municipality-related data in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A great amount of general geographic, economic and developmental data and statistics has been gathered covering the period from 2005 to 2010. From 2010 the portal included more data on population, employment, gross domestic product and general elections.