Open Taps

The accessibility and quality of water is still a big issue in many Georgian regions. While the data about water quality is officially published, it is neither accessible to everyone, nor understandable to common households.

The Open Taps projects efforts to improve water quality and accessibility in Georgia by putting relevant, understandable and useful data into the public domain, while allowing all stakeholders to discuss the issues and share relevant concerns and information.

With the support of several NGOs and partnership organizations research has been made on water accessibility and its quality. The interactive web-platform manifests projects and programs regarding the water issues in Georgia and illustrates the changing reality in Georgia. The majority of the projects includes improvement of the water supply timetable, water accessibility in certain areas, improvement of water supply network and an increase in drinking water resources.

Many lessons were learned about design and data possibilities while bringing this project to the world. These lessons were then reflected in follow-on efforts on different topics in Georgia.