The Price of the State

How much do we really pay for public services? How much do we work for ourselves, and how much for the state? How big is the national debt? Without spending hours on the internet, it is nearly impossible to find essential information about public finance. Or if you find them, they are fragmented and chaotic with no general information.

The INESS has designed Price of the State, a portal with a comprehensive overview of how much the state takes in and spends. The portal contains three independent parts: website, the Bill of Government Services and the poster Universe of Public Expenditures. The portal converts individual items into per-capita or per-working person costs, which makes it easy to understand. The Price of the State also provides a very clear form of cash receipt to communicate the numbers and statistics. It is easy to understand how much each of us pays in taxes or how much of total budget is divided among different ministries’ expenditures.

The Price of the State concentrates all the relevant data regarding the national budget and organizes them into a logical and coherent structure. It explains to people where his/her taxes end up and in what amount he/she contributes for public services. At the same time the cash receipt provides information on deficit spending per capita as well as growing public debt. The goal of the project is to inform the general public about the dimensions of Slovak public finance.

The portal The price of the State does not only serve Slovak citizens. Other countries such as Iceland, Georgia and Poland have adopted it and the portal is open to implementation in other countries.