Public Spaces in Skopje


Urban Planning

Reactor – Research in Action


Urban planning does not always incorporates the best interests, preferences and needs of the residents. There are limited opportunities for citizens to be involved in government issues such as urban planning. One of the reasons is low transparency and limited access to the transparent plans of the city.

The website provides a visualization of relevant urban development data in the city of Skopje. The website displays changes in housing structure, parking and greenery in recent but also in coming years if the current urban plan will be fulfilled.

The web platform contains searchable sets of relevant data that can be used by both expert and non-expert users. By visualizing the rapid reduction of public spaces that happened parallel to a rapid increase in the population, the project wants to increase pressure for legislative change. The goal of the project is to improve knowledge on urban development as well as stimulate civic activism and participation in urban planning processes in Skopje. The debate on the vision of the city should involve the interests and needs of all its residents.

The platform was launched in early 2013 and was well received by its intended users: the citizens of Skopje and the administration of the Municipality of Centar. Authors have been presenting the platform at various local and international events, advocating for its adoption by the municipal administration. Nowadays the Authors try to increase the area covered in the platform to include more municipalities.