State Culture and Sports Grants Database Visualization



Transparency International


Although there are thousands of contracts on the thousands of governmental portals (more than 7 000 individual websites), there is lack of an adequate infrastructure to bring all the contracts together into one place. The visitors are not able to find elementary information such as how much individual ministries spent or how much individual vendors made.

The project aims to increase transparency in public grants in Slovakia for sports and culture by concentrating already available information in one place. The website provides a detailed report on major donors, grantees and supported projects in sports and culture, mostly from 2004 to 2010.

The goal of the project is to increase a discussion about the efficiency of public grants and desired goals that want to be achieved by grants. The website not only concentrates the data, but also interprets and visualizes them. It also brings information about the main supported areas, amount of projects and grantees. The portal focuses on the central government's grant schemes such as ministries, Slovak Government Office and Slovak Audiovisual Fund. By creating a web application and providing training to find problematic contracts it has had significantly simplified the work of journalists and watchdogs.

The portal now contains comprehensive and categorized data on grants from the period running from 2004 to 2010. The initiative continues to create pressure on the government to increase the transparency of cultural and sport grants. One of their results is also a list of improvements and guidelines for improving the current situation in this area of public finance.