Visualization of Hungarian Budget Data



Budapest Institute


It is extremely difficult to find sufficient information about public spending and revenues in Hungary. If there is any relevant data, it is often used out of the context. Citizens cannot see connections between related categories and cannot attain a comprehensive overview.

The website provides detailed visualization of the Hungarian state public spending and revenues. Moreover the online presentation enables data comparison across different years and with a number of different countries. With their innovative tools, the citizens receive a context of revenues and expenditures to get a better picture.

project is focused on the visualization of the public finance data in order to help journalists, teachers, students and all citizens understand the state budget. The Budapest Institute collects data from official sources according to functions and policy areas and makes “dry numbers” illustrative by visualizing the Hungarian budget. The goal of the project is to increase transparency in public finance management and dispel misbeliefs and popular fallacies on spending priorities of Hungarian governments.

With the graphical and interactive presentation of the budgetary expenses, the project was able to address the problem for young people who are generally interested in these questions. Furthermore, the initiative has started to contribute to the strengthening of national tax consciousness and civic responsibility in general.