Visualizing local government indicators

How many schools, students and teachers are in each region? Where are the biggest hospitals? How much is the waste management? To increasing the quality of information and making comparative analyzes between schools and regions, it is crucial to have sufficient data in one place.

The website provides information of local government indicators and demonstrates them in a very clear and simple way. An interactive map of Estonia illustrates the differences between Estonian regions and their efficiency. In a few clicks you really get the bigger picture about Estonian regions more easily.

By clicking on a selected region, it is possible to get information about the amount of schools, hospitals and pharmacies in the region, as well as information about waste spending, investments per capita and tax revenues per capita. The clear visualization enables quick comparison of the data between the regions and governing units. The indicators demonstrate the capacity and sustainability of local governments and are the starting point to measure the performance of different policy options at municipal level. The website gives a comprehensive overview about possibilities in the regions. The goal of the project is to present information about self-governing regions in a very natural way and raise a public discussion about the efficiency of different unicipalities.

The easy-to-understand data collected and presented in this visualization were especially valuable before the local government elections, which took place on October 20th. Also various newspapers has used the site for reflecting the services situation in their municipality.